Microsoft Dynamics 365

Increase, optimize and improve the speed of doing business in a fast changing production world by using Microsoft Dynamics 365. Supply and demand and the requirements laid upon producer and supplier are greater than ever.

Owing to the rapid increase in global competition in the industry, (Agile) flexibility has become the keyword: ‘agile manufacturing’, flexibility and optimization of the production cycle. Producers must produce faster, deliver better quality, satisfy higher customer requirements and above all provide a better value proposition by improving and better coordinating company activities.


More efficient departmental planning.

Optimization and cost reductions.


Better exploitation of company resources.



With Microsoft Dynamics 365 producers can retain their competitive advantage and adapt to changing market circumstances, now and in the future.

By making use of the latest Microsoft technologies producers can better satisfy the whole customer experience – from product development, packaging, distribution, processing, up to and including delivery.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 as a foundation, we help you optimize your manufacturing and rapid product introductions. Here you will have to deal with numerous issues, such as:

  • Demand forecasting, materials, inventory management, Agile Manufacturing, parts lists, formulas, recipes, materials handling, and capacity planning
  • Production orders, production planning, master planning, intercompany, and reporting
  • Configuration, quality control, product changes, category management, product cost control
  • Purchasing, sales, distribution, multi-site warehouse management, returns management, service, marketing, purchasing policy, purchasing workflows, and reporting
  • Trade agreements, vendor management, contract management, vendor & self-service, tracking & tracing, carrier interface, and planning

Due to the increasing demands of customers, producers have a need for a flexible business model. By making use of cloud-based solutions such as Microsoft Azure, you are able, at any time, to better adjust your planning and business processes as well as transform them. In this way you will increase your returns as well as customer satisfaction.

Microsoft (Azure) Cloud solutions give you more flexibility, faster innovation and increased quality. In this way you can make better decisions in shorter time, grow globally and align your activities with your company goals at your own pace. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 you are in a better position to transform and be successful.

Shopfloor control is a tool to manage all staff activities. It records staff activities and accurately follows who is involved in what part of the process. Shopfloor control enables you to measure employee performance, ensuring efficient use of resources. Time keeping is fully automated and therefore directly linked to payroll administration.

Product configurator contains all the components and items of the final product. By means of a questionnaire, where options are eliminated, the final product is put together. This supports your production and sales process.

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