What you really need to know about moving to the cloud

22 januari 2019

Most companies have decided they need the business agility and want the cost savings that come when moving to the cloud. But with the bewildering amount of contradictory information floating around on the Internet, not many really understand exactly what that means or what it entails. Companies considering Microsoft Office 365 as their first step in moving applications […]

New Year, New Insights! This is what you should focus on in 2019

8 januari 2019

Time to get a grip on (and be able to use) your data  Internet of Things (IoT), the cloud, Edge Computing, Big Data. You have to be there to keep your competitive advantage. Based on research of  Gartner, Forrester, Forbes and our own knowledge we have put together the most important trends to focus on this year.  AI/Machine […]

The top 3 findings about cloud adoption

4 december 2018

Microsoft Surveyed 250 IT Professionals about their cloud adoption. Here are the top 3 findings: The majority of businesses surveyed have adopted some form of cloud solution or hosted service in an effort to simplify their daily tasks, lower costs and give employees always-on access to information and applications. IT professionals are also virtualizing their […]

Always On: Serve your customers and reduce your workload.

6 november 2018

Always On: Serve your customers and reduce your workload. With the rise of new forms of communication, the customers need for information is also increasing enormously. Where yesterday’s customer was satisfied with calling during office hours, the current customer expects that he can request information or share information 24 hours a day, 7 days a […]

Why you should put your enterprise business software (ERP) in the cloud?

11 september 2018

The decision to migrate your business software to the cloud is a big one; and most of the dialogue is usually around money. Here are four reasons, besides money, to put your ERP in the cloud: 1. Lower Risk In the cloud, your ERP’s server receives attentive, around-the-clock service. Your dingy server room is now a world class data […]

Use e-commerce for customer binding and satisfaction

18 juli 2017

Customer in control Your customers want to get a grip on their processes. They would very much like to know where they’re at and what they can expect. Part of the required information is in your hands. By using e-commerce you can serve your customers’ needs in a contemporary way. With it you can, for […]

Microsoft extends its deployment possibilities and licensing structures

2 mei 2017

Good news! Microsoft extends its deployment possibilities and licensing structures. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations The launch of Dynamics 365 for Operations in November 2016 was accompanied by new licensing terms and prices. Because of “Cloud First”, deployment in the Microsoft Cloud (Azure) was the only option. The upcoming months, based on obtained feedback from […]

The Challenges Faced by a Technical Consultant

11 april 2017

Sander van den Hoed is 26 years old and works as a technical consultant at Ultimate Software. In this blog he talks about the start of his career at Ultimate Software. Sander has a background in systems management and worked at KLM before he started at Ultimate Software. During the first years of his career […]

Make your consultant’s dream come true at Ultimate Software

13 maart 2017

When you start on a new job, you have to wait and see if the promises made are truly followed-up. In this blog, Celeste Bakker describes her experiences at Ultimate Software Celeste works as a consultant at Ultimate Software and has a background in logistics. Celeste has always been interested in streamlining and optimising business […]

5 reasons to work at Ultimate Software

28 februari 2017

1 Join a winning team As an Ultimate Software consultant, you work with intelligent, inspiring and engaging colleagues. 2 Solve complex, real challenges As an Ultimate Software consultant, you are always busy to help your clients get in control of their own business. Help them to outsmart the competition! 3 Personal growth As an Ultimate […]

Process optimization is also about people

25 oktober 2016

Process optimization is also about people As a consultant for API, a Dutch subsidiary of the French company Saint Gobain, Luc Duteweerd has guided the upgrade of Microsoft Dynamics AX in 2013. API is a provider of surface-mounted suspension systems. They offer both standard solutions and specialist solutions for these systems. In the latter case, […]

We welcome 4 new employees to Ultimate Software!

11 oktober 2016

Ultimate Software is growing fast. We are always on the lookout for new, talented people. We are very proud to present these four new colleagues: Celeste Bakker Celeste is a consultant. Before joining Ultimate Software, Celeste worked for the McGregor Fashion Group, VanDerEng Label Solutions, and Ab-Ovo Nederland BV Logistiek as a consultant and logistics […]

We proudly present our new corporate design and website

15 september 2016

We proudly present our new corporate design and our new website! After many successful years of continuing development, it’s a good time to give ourselves a new look. With the new design and content, we hope to clearly communicate – both verbally and visually – what we can do for your business. We intend to […]

The story behind the brand

14 september 2016

A notorious professor once said: “Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things”. During a talk with the owners of Ultimate Software one sees both aspects in evidence. The men speak with flair and enthusiasm of the beauty of their profession and of their ambitions. But if you are that strong with […]